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Welcome to, the home of progressive people and canines. We have hot political resources to share with visiting friends, like the nationwide 2020 Progressive Candidates list, the gallery of Progressive Heroes in the "Untelevised" News, and the handy Poke Your Reps 100 Different Ways how-to guide. After so much fun, we have Original Dog Fiction for chilling out -- starring Chester, streetwise Alpha Bichon and devoted Bernie Bro... .... ... Hey, this may not be "home," this may be Heaven -- come in, come in!

JoAnn Chateau

Who’s Writing?

JoAnn Chateau

JoAnn likes progressive politics and loves the canines. She writes fiction about Chester, the Alpha Bichon -- with a dash of humor and a dab of Poli-Sci. Her views and insights are tinted by a former profession in Counseling, Christian theological studies, and training in Library and Information Science. Retired now, JoAnn enjoys the creative life.

Graffiti Girl

Graffiti Girl (GG) is curator at She's progressive to the core, and easily blown away by serendipity and/or good food. (OK, GG is really JoAnn.) GG's posts signal that news or content from another website is a "must-see" and "must-remember."


Chester is a scruffy little Bichon dog, with a congenial Napoleon Complex, and stars in "The Chester Chronicles." He sometimes reports independent Canine News -- NO corporate treats accepted, NO corporate bias. Woof!