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Welcome to Progressive Graffiti, where we read the handwriting on the wall — and rejoice. It’s telling us we’re smack-dab in the middle of a “yuge” grassroots Progressive Movement. (Granted, the oligarchy may not be quite as happy.)

Are you in? This is what you’ll discover at the site…

A potent mix of elements that support an expansive lifestyle rich in progressive activism, culture, and leisure.

We hope you enjoy browsing Progressive Graffiti. Please leave constructive feedback, criticism or praise, in the comments.

Progressive Graffiti and a Progressive Lifestyle

To us, “progressive” is more than a political movement. It’s a state of being, as well as a lifestyle. Following the “progressive” path may be different for every person, but it always seems to expand your life, and the life around you, by promoting growth and progress — all of which uplift the common good, as well.

At Progressive Graffiti, we think “progressive” may embrace everything from planting a garden, to earning a college degree, to multiplying loaves and fishes. For sure, it involves the miracle of synergy.

What does “progressive” mean to you?

2020 Candidates

A lot of people say, “you can’t fight city hall.” They mean, you can’t do anything about political corruption. But they’re dead wrong. You know what deflates the power of Big Money? The answer is so simple: elected representatives who don’t take it.

Principled public servants, who refuse Big Money, are called “Progressives.” Use the specially tailored tools at Progressive Graffiti in order to meet beautiful, unbought progressives who’re currently running for national or state office in the United States.

Progressive Candidates of 2020
Revolutionary Progressive Candidates 2020: Medicare 4 All & No Corp Money!

We begin with awesome progressive presidential candidates of 2020.

Progressives Nationwide

Enter the name of your state to find the most revolutionary candidates running there.

Progressive Candidates & Policies News Feed

Get the latest news on 2020 progressive candidates and their people-centered policies.


At Progressive Graffiti, we believe that nonviolent political activism is the core of a progressive lifestyle. In fact, armies of progressive activists are fighting for good causes all over the world. Maybe you’re one of the troops — engaged on the front lines, or supporting efforts from behind the scenes.

But the average American Jill or Joe hears little about progressive, nonviolent armies from cable network news. Therefore, Progressive Graffiti created special guides to help close that information gap. Please share them with your friends and family members, and encourage them to pass the information on to others. It’s time that everyone gets “enlisted.”

Old-fashioned network news, like this 1960s TV, don't cover progressive heroes adequately
Progressive Heroes in the “Untelevised” News

These individuals and groups may not be breaking news on network TV, but they’re breaking barriers for essential social and political causes.

Stack of newspapers with thick, white ceramic cup and saucer nearby.
12 Bold Independent Progressive News Outlets

The best way to follow grassroots activism, which is so vital to democracy and the evolution of a society, is to patronize news outlets that cover it.

Culture, Leisure, and a Dog’s Point of View

Social and political activism may involve a fair amount of hard work and personal sacrifice. It may, at times, drain you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Progressive Graffiti offers you this advice: Every good activist needs to rest and refresh.


A progressive lifestyle is expressive, meaningful, and multi-faceted.


Leisure expands our hearts and minds — read, travel, talk, have fun.

The Original Chester, wearing glasses

Chill out with Chester, alpha Bichon and Bernie Sanders’ greatest fan.

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