Somebody is connecting the dots. Reverend Billy (activist performer, Bill Talen) argues that Big Banks “create climate change by actively paying money to companies that pour carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.”

The Church of “Stop Shopping”: Meet the Man Leading An Uprising Against The World’s Biggest Banks

Reverend Billy and The Stop Shopping Choir’s latest show, ‘The Extinction Resurrection Campaign’, which premiered in New York in November, projects a pretty straightforward yet powerful message: the banks are destroying the earth and thus must be held accountable.  The Reverend weighed in on his latest environmental crusade to AlterNet following his performance.

“We’re trying to invent a new kind of activism that comes right from Sandy and Haiyon and tornados, droughts and fires. We’re trying to take the earth’s message into our bodies and souls by venturing into the banks and going into the corporations that are creating climate change which our research indicates includes Chase, HSB and Citibank. There are also big hedge funds that are more mysterious that we can’t get at right now, but we’ll find out who they are.  The bottom line is we have to go there in person.  We have to educate the people who work there. We have to rise up and invent a new type of activism,” he said.

Jodie Gummow, AlterNet

Reverend Billy held a peaceful singing protest at a Chase bank in Manhattan last September. He was charged with “riot in the second degree, menacing in the third degree, unlawful assembly and two counts of disorderly conduct“, and faced a possible year in jail and $1000’s in fines. In early December, the charges were greatly reduced.

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