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When Enforcers Join the Protest

VICTORY! Charges Dropped for Florida Cop Who Refused to Remove Guy Fawkes Mask

This is big for the liberty, the freedom movement, all around the world. It touched a personal connection with everyone because they needed to see a police officer, or soldier, or someone out there, defending their right as a citizen.

Ericson Harrell

Interview of Florida Cop, Ericson Harrell, after Arrest

When the Enforcers Become Allies

Tune in to almost any news source and you will see huge protests going on in more and more countries across the world. Squared off against them are always “the enforcers” with their armor, helmets and badges. But there is a thrilling new behavior trending — where the actual beings behind these masks are waking up and turning to stand (or sit) with those protesting against political and economic corruption.

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