Free Hugs

The question is, Why not Love Mob? There’s already organized crime. Why not organized love?

The Love Mob at a Glance, YouTube

Peace World-Wide Starts from Inside

I’ve just been introduced to The Love Mob, thanks to  Popular Resistance. The Love Mob believes that peace begins, and spreads, from the hearts of individuals, and that peace and love spread powerfully from a gathering of like-minded individuals.

Do you want the world to be a better place? Do you want to support progressive reform? But, perhaps, you are a bit fainthearted at the idea of possible confrontation with police enforcement during a peaceful protest rally? Then The Love Mob is the grass-roots activism for you! Here are some tips for hosting a Love Mob of your own.

Just BE Cause

The world is changing very rapidly. That which used to work, doesn’t work anymore. The old and unsustainable is falling down right in front of our eyes. The only safe place on the planet is in innovation, resourcefulness, generosity, giving, kindness, compassion, and each of us becoming more, and never less, than our true selves.

Michael Beckwith, The Love Mob Presents: Just BE Cause

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