Spirit of MLK Launches Worldwide Wave of Action

On the anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, April 4, 2014, the spirit of MLK will rise again. We will engage a worldwide wave of action, “from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city. From every mountain side…”

We will “let freedom ring.”

Anonymous, Occupy and the 99% Movement have set up the dominoes for an unprecedented worldwide wave of action. The tipping point is near.

Wave of Action

You Are Invited to take Action

Join an action. Or make your own. Wave of Action suggests the following non-violent actions:

  • Mass gathering, demonstrations
  • Marches, parades
  • Flash mobs, swarms
  • Shutdown harmful corporate and governmental operations
  • Worker Strikes
  • Hunger strikes
  • Sit-ins
  • Strategic defaults, debt strikes
  • Foreclosure prevention
  • Boycotting corrupt corporations
  • Move your money out of the big banks and the stock market
  • Use alternative currencies and economic systems
  • Cancel your cable television and support independent media
  • Use independent online tools that don’t sell your info and protect your privacy
  • Online civil disobedience, Anonymous operations
  • Leak information on corruption
  • Use alternative energy
  • Build your own urban and hydroponic farms, or get your food from them
  • Support local businesses
  • Join local community organizations
  • Take part in food banks and help develop community support systems
  • Start or join intentional and autonomous communities
  • Experiment with new governing systems, Liquid Democracy
  • Host teach-ins
  • Organize socially conscious events
  • Make conscious media
  • Guerrilla postering, messages on money
  • Help inspiring groups and organizations spread their message
  • Random acts of kindness and compassion
  • Mass meditations, prayer sessions and spiritual actions

From hunger strikes and whistle-blowing to random acts of kindness and prayer – there’s an action for everybody to take!

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