Rule from the Shadows – The Psychology of Power – Part 1

The quest for power is the primary driving force of history, always has been, always will be. Those who fail to recognize this principle are not spared in the grand chess game, but rather are moved and manipulated by forces that they do not understand.

From the perspective of those who dominate the board it is obviously preferable to have a population of ignorant pawns than it is to have an array of opponents which are capable of mounting an effective resistance. To that end it has always been in the interest of the ruling class to cultivate illusions which obscure the true nature of the game.

Storm Clouds Gathering

You can read the transcript of this video at Storm Clouds Gathering. The transcript includes additional video clips that support and illustrate the message.

Storm Clouds Gathering is the most subversive website I allow myself to visit. Their work is well-researched and they create riveting videos. But, some of their journalism is truly frightening. If you visit the site, please try to remain emotionally detached.

It is important to progressive reform that voices like Storm Clouds Gathering are out there, because they offer a perspective that follows a logical outcome of our present-day political and economic crises. Still, it is not the only plausible logical outcome; it is just the one that we are most afraid of.

Be informed. Think. Maintain perspective. Peaceful reform needs calm, steady people.

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