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Sam Polk Interview with Thom Hartman

Is addiction to money an underlying spiritual problem?

Thom Hartman Interviews Sam Polk, Part 1 – Working on Wall Street was not worth it

Thom Hartman Interviews Sam Polk, Part 2 – Groceryships

For many Americans – success means money and money means success. That’s why even after the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression – a job at a top-notch investment bank still holds allure for many young Americans starting their professional lives. But is working on Wall Street really worth it? For tonight’s Conversations With Great Minds – I’m joined by someone who lived the life of a Wall Street millionaire and left it all behind. Sam Polk spent most of his 20’s working as a trader for high-powered Wall Street investment firms – but at 30 he decided to leave the world of finance for good. Since then – he has become a successful nonprofit entrepreneur and has written about his time on Wall Street for The New York Times and Forbes Magazine.

Thom Hartman

Visit Groceryships.Com (scholarships for groceries) to see what Sam Polk and his wife Kristen are doing to feed poor families and help them be healthier.


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