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Attend an “Inequality for All” Watch Party!

Join Robert Reich and Elizabeth Warren at 700 Watch Parties in 48 states

On (or around) February 27, Americans will gather together at more than 700 watch parties in 48 states to watch “Inequality for All” — Robert Reich’s Sundance award-winning film — and join a strategy call with Sec. Reich and Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

As President Obama proclaimed recently, income inequality is the “defining challenge of our time.” This game-changing film explores what effects the increasing income gap has not only on the U.S. economy but on American democracy itself — and what we can do about it. Don’t miss your local event!

Click here to find an “Inequality for All” Watch Party in your area. You will be able to enter your ZIP code. I found one 4.5 miles from my home.

I’ve already seen the the film, and it is excellent. The strategy call with Sec. Reich and Sen. Elizabeth Warren should be interesting and productive.

Will you be attending an “Inequality for All” watch party near you? Say something in the comments.

“Inequality for All” Watch Parties are sponsored by Democracy for America

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