Bidder 70: “Climate Change is the Context of Our Times”

Bidder 70: “Climate Change is the Context of Our Times”

Who is Bidder 70? The answer is Tim DeChristopher, climate justice activist and founder of Peaceful Uprising.

Climate Change is The Context of Our Times | Tim DeChristopher Interview

is perhaps most widely known for one of the more creative acts of nonviolent insurrection and civil disobedience, in recent memory, when he disrupted a government oil and gas lease auction in order to protect fragile land in southern Utah from long-term damage. That story became the subject of the documentary, Bidder 70, and that act resulted in DeChristopher spending 21 months in federal custody.

Dennis Trainor, Jr.

DeCristopher says “Climate change is not really an environmental issue.” Rather, climate change is the very context of our times because it effects so many societal issues:

  • Human rights
  • Labor
  • Racial justice
  • Patriarchy

As well as

  • Environmental

Earth Day to May Day 2014

In response to seeing climate change as the context of our times, Global Climate Convergence for People, Planet & Peace Over Profit is focusing on the ten days from Earth Day to May Day to educate people on the multi-faceted issues of climate change. It is also providing “coordinated action and collaboration across fronts of struggle and national borders to harness the transformative power we already possess as a thousand separate movements.”

The building power of the Climate Justice Movement, with real grass-roots activism rising from communities around the world, is the foundation for what needs to done in the mainstream climate movement. Most likely, we will see more confrontational tactics involving civil disobedience.

Incarceration a Scare-Tactic to Reduce Civil Disobedience

In 2009, DeChristopher was sentenced to federal prison for two years for his disruption of a government oil and lease auction.  He says, “Both the judge and prosecutor were very clear that the entire point of this was to scare other people into obedience. They said they had to use me as a symbol to show others that you can’t stand up to the government.”

Dechristopher was released in 2011, after serving 21 months in federal prison. In 2012, the Bidder 70 documentary was released. It received the Traverse City Film Festival 2012 Best American Film award.

Watch the official Bidder 70 trailer:

Tim DeChristopher: A Serious, Focused Hero

After seeing The Butler, which covered the Civil Rights decades, I wondered – where are our heroes today? Since that time, I began following politics and progressive activism, and have learned there are many heroes out there. Tim DeChristopher is definitely one of them.

DeChristopher is a serious, focused young man, prepared to pay the price for civil disobedience. He has already done us a great service by saving the lands in southern Utah. What will be the full extent of his service, and the service of others, in the Climate Justice Movement?

Watch the following interviews to get a sense of what may come.

David Letterman – Environmental Activist, Tim DeChristopher

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Bill Moyers – Why Tim DeChristopher Went to Prison for His Protest

We don’t want Walmart to be a greener corporate citizen, we want Walmart to be subservient to human interests. We don’t think corporations should be masters of men.

Tim DeChristopher

Time Is Running Out

Like the battle for Civil Rights, The Climate Justice Movement faces numerous hurdles. Except… we do not have decades to fight climate change.

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