A Showcase for Activist Art

PopularResistance.Org just launched a sister website: CreativeResistance.Org. It is fantastic! Not only is it a place for artistic activists to display their work, but regular ol’ activists are welcome to use Creative Resistance art in their own projects.

Searchable Art for Activists

The Creative Resistance website is laid out Pinterest-style, with a grid of all available art. Are you an activist working on a project? You can search Creative Resistance art for just what you need.

You don’t have to be an artist to use CreativeResistance.Org in your activism.  The page is searchable by issue so if you are working on a specific issue – healthcare, corporate power, fracking, youth, racism and so much more – you can find great art specific to that issue.  You can incorporate what you find into your writing, into memes for social media, protests or in whatever way you communicate.

There are several types of art, many in video form. You’ll find:

  • Music
  • Visual Art
  • Poetry
  • Performance Art
  • Animation
  • Puppets
  • Protest Signs

Here’s one of my favorite activism musical artworks found at Creative Resistance, “Doo-Occupy to Bail Out America!

A Spiral of Activism and Art

At Creative Resistance, activism inspires art, and art inspires activism. Creative Resistance is a cultural museum of contemporary grass roots protest, as well as a resource for today’s activists.

Once you click to open an art piece, you’ll find links to the artist’s or organization’s website. You can learn more about the artists and their causes.

Are you an activist artist? It’s easy to submit your work to CreativeResistance.Org!

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