Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein – A Short Film

We didn’t earn any of the things that really keep us alive or that make life good. We didn’t earn air. We didn’t earn being born. We didn’t earn our conception. We didn’t earn being able to breathe. We didn’t earn having a planet that can provide food. We didn’t earn the Sun.

So, I think on some level, people have this inborn gratitude. Because, on some level we know that we didn’t earn any of this. We know that life is a gift. Well, if you know that you’ve received a gift, then the natural response is gratitude, the desire to give in return.

In a gift economy, it’s not true, the way it is in our money economy, that everybody’s in competition with everybody else. In a gift society, if you have more than you need, you give it to somebody who needs it. That’s how you get status. And that’s even where security comes from. Because if you build up all that gratitude, then people are going to take care of you, too.

Charles Eisenstein

Sacred Economics Short Film and Book

Sacred Economics is a profound and beautiful look at what economics can be (indeed, was at one time). It will get you thinking out-of-the-box regarding our present-day financial and social structure. It may even be the catalyst for a revolutionary personal attitude that changes your life forever.

Sacred Economics, the 2012 short film, is directed and produced by Ian MacKenzie, media activist and filmmaker.

Charles Eisenstein wrote Sacred Economics (published 2011). He tends to focus on “civilization, consciousness, money, and human cultural evolution”. You may read Sacred Economics online for free, or purchase a copy.

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