“Who is Dependent on Welfare” With Ananya Roy

my students are fretting about the welfare dependency of the poor, but they fail to recognize that they are dependent on welfare. I, too, am dependent on welfare.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Ananya Roy, a professor at the University of California Berkeley, but I live in public housing. My career affords me a home in the rolling California hills with the view of the Golden Gate bridge and still I live in public housing. The public housing I live in is not the American stereotype of dilapidated towers, concentrations of poverty, neighborhoods devastated by violence.

But my home is public housing because the tax deduction I enjoy on my mortgage is a more substantial handout than any money spent by the U.S. government on what has come to be stereotyped and vilified as public housing.

Ananya Roy, UC Berkeley Professor

The #GlobalPOV Project

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