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Charles Koch Defends Himself in WSJ

Do You Feel Sorry For The Billionaire Koch Brothers?

After being slammed for weeks by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other Democrats, Koch brothers billionaire industrialist Charles G. Koch took to the opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday night to decry “collectivists” who try to “discredit and intimidate” him even though everything he does in the political realm is intended to revive ‘a truly free society.’ ‘I have devoted most of my life to understanding the principles that enable people to improve their lives,’ Koch imperiously begins….

John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur, and Michael Shure break it down on The Young Turks.

The Young Turks

Definition of “Collectivists”

So… who, or what, are “collectivists”? Well, they are people who believe in collectivism, and here’s a bit about that from Wikipedia:

Collectivism is any philosophic, political, religious, economic, or social outlook that emphasizes the interdependence of every human. Collectivism is a basic cultural element that exists as the reverse of individualism in human nature. Collectivist orientations stress the importance of cohesion within social groups and in some cases, the priority of group goals over individual goals. Collectivists often focus on community, society, nation or country.

At this point in time, do you think our country should be leaning towards individualism, or collectivism?

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