Putting the Freeze on Global Warming

For growing numbers of people, the reality of global warming is so urgent they’ve given up waiting for governments to act, and they’ve decided it’s folly to expect the coal, oil, and gas companies ever to admit their products are burning up the earth. So these aroused citizens are going for the jugular – they’re directing their efforts directly at the one place held sacred by the industry — the bottom line.

It’s called divestment. A campaign to persuade investors to take their money out of fossil fuel companies. Foundations, faith groups, pension funds, cities and universities are being urged to take the lead, to sell their shares in polluting industries and go ‘fossil free.’

Bill Moyers

Divestment has been used before, to overturn Apartheid. Divestment is now a growing movement to put the stops on fossil fuel companies – to halt climate change.

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