Near the D.C. area? You have an invitation to join the fight to save Net Neutrality!

Join Protesters in Washington D.C.


FCC: We Won’t Stop Until The Internet Is Safe!

We’ve heard from our contacts in D.C. that Tom Wheeler was not expecting this kind of massive backlash to his net neutrality announcement last week. We are even seeing divisions in the business community. Two letters were sent to the FCC this week. One was signed by almost 150 tech companies — from 3 person start-ups to giants like google and Facebook — opposing the end of net neutrality. The other by 50 tech investors who told Wheeler that his proposal would undermine creativity and investment in the development of the Internet.  

[Still,] AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast have dozens of paid lobbyists surrounding the FCC daily, so we have to keep expanding the pressure and fight back against Wheeler’s proposal.


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