On Friday, President Obama announced new executive actions that support solar energy:

  • Building a skilled solar workforce
  • Providing innovative financing for deploying solar
  • Driving investment in energy upgrades to federal buildings
  • Improving appliance efficiency
  • Strengthening building codes

Renewable Energy & Buildings

President Obama’s new renewable energy strategy includes a strong focus on energy efficient buildings. Why? Because buildings consume a huge portion of U.S. energy (I’ve seen 40% claimed).

The White House recently installed its own solar panels, setting the positive example.


Announcement Made at a Walmart

The President made his announcement at the Walmart in Mountain View, California. National Geographic reports that the Walmart location was chosen in order to “highlight the company’s use of solar energy”.

Many criticize the Walmart venue, because of the company’s negative image when it comes to labor. It conflicts with another of President Obama’s initiatives: Raising the minimum wage.

Never the less….

2014 National Climate Assessment

The President also announced the new energy efficiency actions just days after the 2014 National Climate Assessment was released. The report outlines 12 very real climate trends that are occurring in the United States. The key issues are summarized in an easy-to-digest format. (It’s an extraordinary website. Please check it out.)

The energy efficiency actions, of course, are necessary. But they are not near sufficient. Much more needs to be done to halt advancing climate change.

What might the President be planning to do next? Is he laying the groundwork for an aggressive fight against climate change?

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