Mayday Super PAC Launch

Across this country, Americans on the left and the right have come to the view that our government is broken. And more than 90% of us link that failure to the role of money in politics….

We want to fight back. Our Democracy is held hostage by the funders of campaigns. We’re going to pay the ransom, and get it back.

We want to build a super PAC big enough to end all super PACs. And over the course of the next two elections, use that super PAC to win enough seats to pass fundamental reform.

Dr. Lawrence Lessig

Mayday Super PAC Gets a Phenomenal Response

The first stage of building the Mayday Super PAC aimed to get $1 million in pledges my the end of May, 2014. The goal was achieved by the middle of the month! (Without any paid advertising.)

Paul Blumenthal at Huffington Post covers the story, and notes:

With that quick first $1 million, Lessig may have shown that campaign finance reform can have an immediate appeal, but he still has to prove that a bipartisan movement can be built. He has long argued that only cross-party efforts can succeed on this issue.

Learn more about the Mayday super PAC by visiting: MayOne.Us.