The U.S. House of Representatives just Voted to Cut Funding for Some of the NSA’s Most Nefarious Backdoor Spying Programs

Fight for the Future announced:

You did it! Late last night — after they were bombarded by calls from FFTF members and many others — the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to cut funding for some of the NSA’s most nefarious backdoor spying programs.

There’s no question about it. The tides are turning. We didn’t just win this vote, we won it by a landslide. 293-123.

Our movement is showing it’s power, and organized Internet users are once again proving to be a more formidable force than the U.S. government (or any of the pundits) expected.

Fight For The Future

Go to this article for a collection of news links that cover the story – like this one published in The Guardian:

Congress wants NSA reform after all. Obama and the Senate need to pass it.

Late Thursday night, in a surprising rebuke to the NSA’s lawyers and the White House – after they co-opted and secretly re-wrote the USA Freedom Act and got it passed – an overwhelming majority of the House of Representatives voted to strip the agency of its powers to search Americans’ emails without a warrant, to prohibit the NSA or CIA from pressuring tech companies to install so-called “back doors” in their commercial hardware and software, and to bar NSA from sabotaging common encryption standards set by the government.

Trevor Timm

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