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The Fossil-Free Divestment Movement

The Fossil-Free divestment movement is alive and well. Just a few days ago, Oakland County voted to divest from fossil fuel companies.

Fossil Fuel Investments are Risky

Fossil fuel investments are risky for the planet, as well as for investors (i.e., disaster scandals, obsolescence). Invest, instead, in green energy. You’ll help save the planet, earn a good return, and enjoy a clean conscience.

How Fossil-Free Divestment Works

Fossil-free divestment is not merely an economic strategy. Its strength lies in the underlying moral and political movement. For more information about fossil-free divestment, visit GoFossilFree.Org.

Join the Fossil-Free Divestment Movement

You don’t need to be Mr. or Ms. Money-Bags to divest funds from the fossil fuel industry. You can campaign for your college, church, or local government to divest their funds from fossil fuel companies. Watch what college students are doing:

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