The Threat of Methane

Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas. More powerful than CO2.

The short film, Last Hours, released only nine months ago, explains the dire threat of a “sudden and massive global warming” – should huge pockets of frozen methane, which are trapped under land and the ocean floor, thaw and escape into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Such an enormous release of methane would create a “runaway” greenhouse effect on our planet. It would be the point-of-no-return. You see, there is no known method or technology to deal with a catastrophic event of this kind.

Today, I read this article published in Daily Kos: Mysterious Siberian Crater Found at “End of the World” May Portend Methane Climate Catastrophe. The time remaining to deal with climate change may really be shorter than we think.

Last Hours

[Methane’s runaway greenhouse effect] is probably the biggest issue that we face. Sea level change is a big one, too, a very expensive one to manage. But the methane release from the Tundra, once that gets underway we reach a point where we lose the option of having an effective mitigation strategy.

We can always abandon the coastlines, but if we activate enough of a carbon reservoir in the terrestrial biosphere, that becomes unmanageable. That’s, unfortunately, a kind of Doomsday scenario that our trajectory is pointed to.

Dr. Jason Box, Climatologist

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