A Powerful Catch Phrase

I love the catch phrase that NextGen Climate -Florida is using in their new political action ads.*

For the Powerful Few. Not you.

Voters, Be Aware & Beware

The reason I love this catch phrase, is because it reminds people to vote for their own interests. As glamorous as the 1% may be, catching onto their coattails, supporting their ideology, will never make you a member of that elite group. Likewise, despising the poor does not protect you from the specter of poverty.

Voters, your personal fantasies and fears have nothing to do with anything. Except that, political ads are designed to exploit such human frailties in order to manipulate your vote.

When it comes to politics, rev up your left-brain. Analyze. Be objective. Ask yourself, Why are they telling me this? If the motivation is to further serve the Powerful Few, then… it… is… not for you!

The Powerful Few Still Need Voters

Crafty angles like corporate tax loopholes, banking and environmental deregulation, suppressed voter rights, etc. require government legislation to make them legal. Therefore, the Powerful Few need elected officials who will promote their nefarious agenda. Even in our weakened democracy, the Powerful Few still need voters – to elect these puppet representatives into office.

That leaves ordinary people with a bit of power, too.

Vote for the Bottom

Voters must use the power they have. With American inequality as drastic as it is, regardless of partisanship, it is time for all voters to support the interests of the people at the bottom. You see, from the perspective of the Powerful Few, everyone else IS at the bottom.

If you are part of the middle or working classes, you may not believe you are at the bottom. You may distinguish yourself from the more bottomed-out people who need food stamps or depend solely on their Social Security checks. You may even think they deserve their poor situation because of the choices they’ve made. Fair enough. That is what the Powerful Few are thinking about you.

The Powerful Few Leave You Behind

Your values and aspirations are of no consequence to the Powerful Few. Once you have voted to support their agenda, your relationship is over. Don’t expect to enjoy any gourmet crumbs. You won’t be anywhere near them.

Just as many people easily dismiss the poor, the Powerful Few feel completely justified in leaving you behind. They simply are not going to take you with them. When the Powerful Few have destroyed this planet, and launch their rockets** to colonize Mars, they are not going to take you with them.

Remember this when you vote: If it supports the Powerful Few, then… it… is… not for you!


*Watch the ads:


**Given the reckless attitude of the Powerful Few toward greenhouse gas emissions, I can only assume they have already purchased Space Tickets and are fully prepared to pioneer Mars.

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