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Artistic Activism – The Tax Dodgers

The Tax Dodgers project happened in 2012, with the “Tax Dodgers” being a fictional baseball team made-up of wealthy U.S. corporations. The project used humor to address the issues of income inequality and corporate influence in politics.

Coming across these videos the other day, I had to post the Tax Dodgers series here for the inspiration and delight of all creatives and activists. Enjoy!

Voice of Art – Tax Dodgers, Part 1

Rather than trying to depress people with these realities [i.e., income inequality], we realized that trying to elevate their spirits through humor actually allowed them to engage the issues and have the conversation that we wanted to have about what was causing all these problems.

Gan Golan

Voice of Art – Tax Dodgers, Part 2

Voice of Art – Tax Dodgers, Part 3

Voice of Art – Tax Dodgers, Part 4

Voice of Art

You can find more artist activists documentaries at Voice of Art on Pharrell Williams’ YouTube channel, i am OTHER.

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