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Center for Biological Diversity at People’s Climate March

People’s Climate March — Will You Be There?

Thousands of people are making plans right now to attend the biggest demonstration in the history of the climate movement. We hope you’ll join the Center, 350.Org, and allies for the People’s Climate March in New York City on Sept. 21. Global leaders will be in New York to talk about the climate crisis, so this is a crucial moment to begin turning the tide of history for a future that’s livable for people and wildlife.

If you’re planning to be in New York, please join us before the march for a round-table discussion about fracking and climate change at Fordham Law School. The panel will include the Center’s Kassie Siegel and other key leaders in the anti-fracking movement and will be followed by a meetup for anti-fracking activists to assemble before the march.

Center for Biological Diversity


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