It happens Wednesday, September 10th. The Great Internet Slowdown, sponsored by Fight for the Future, will be showing lots of Internet users the dreaded spinning ‘wheel of death’ associated with slow-opening websites.

The Internet isn’t really slowing down on Wednesday. But many of your favorite websites will have apps that display an ever-spinning loading wheel in order to illustrate what it could be like if the Internet is allowed to have fast lanes.


Notice that website visitors will also have an opportunity to sign the Citizen Letter for Net Neutrality.

A host of big tech companies are joining in the Great Internet Slowdown. They include Mozilla, Etsy, Vimeo, Foursquare, Kickstarter, Redditt and WordPress.

The Great Internet Slowdown is a protest. It’s an awareness campaign. It’s a warning. Because if there are fast lanes, please understand… all the other lanes are slooow.

The Great Internet Slowdown Is in the News

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