Polls show that most Americans believe corporations have too much power, that they meddle with politics and are destroying our democracy. People want to do something about it.

Political Alliance

Ralph Nader sees a way to dismantle the corporate state through political alliances between conservatives and liberals.

Ralph Nader has fought for decades on behalf of American citizens against what he sees as the pervasive influence of corporations on our society. Large majorities tell pollsters that big corporations have too much political power, and Nader believes that the ever-tightening influence of big business on the mainstream media, elections and our government have caused many Americans to believe they have no political voice.

Nader draws on a half century of his own experience working with the grassroots and Congress and tells of many surprising victories that have united progressive and conservative forces. Far from espousing compromises that meet halfway, Nader argues that citizens of different political labels must join in the struggle against the corporate state, because if left unchecked, that corporate state will ruin the republic, shred the Constitution, and stampede over the rights of the American people.

Commonwealth Club


On the other hand, there is a segment of society who fear dismantling the corporate state may require revolution. They are preparing to step up to the plate if necessary. Dandelion Salad has a collection of videos and links about revolution strategies:

Chris Hedges: Strategies for Revolution + Revolution, the video

Revolution or Political Pathway?

If a revolution is required to restore American democracy, it would be hideous. There is no guarantee of a nonviolent revolution; it would most likely be bloody.

Surely we can restore American democracy through the political means we have at our disposal. Ralph Nader shows how it can be done in his book Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State.

What will it take to free our nation from the corporate state? What are your hopes and fears?

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