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Today, Senate Republicans blocked the Democracy for All Amendment (S.J. Res. 19). The amendment would have overturned ‘Citizens United’ and would have restored limits on big money in politics.

However, the vote was close. A majority of 54 senators voted for the amendment. (Amendment decisions require two-thirds, or 67 votes.)

Blocked, But Not Defeated

‘Blocked’ is not the same thing as ‘defeated.’ The Amend Movement, the fight to get big money out of politics, continues full-speed ahead.

Fran Korten at Yes! Magazine writes that despite today’s block, there are powerful signs of amendment progress: The Senate Just Voted to Keep Big Money In Politics. Three Reasons to Celebrate Anyway. In a nutshell…

  1. The vote demonstrates the power of grassroots activism
  2. It puts pressure on politicians across party lines
  3. It provides language that empowers the states and defines corporations as legal entities

Show Your Support

Want to be involved? Support one of the nonpartisan groups below who are fighting to restore our democracy. Volunteer, donate, and/or share information about this important work with your friends.

MayDay PAC

MayDay PAC is the Super PAC to end all Super PACs. The aim is to help Congress members get elected – who are committed to campaign funding reform. Founder Dr. Lawrence Sessig (Harvard Law School) explains the plan:

Help us surprise that tiny fraction of the 1% with the power we still have.

Lawrence Lessig


Represent.Us also works hard to end government corruption. (You may have seen their satirical ‘Honest’ Gil Fulbright ads.) Their plan champions the ‘American Anti-Corruption Act.’

When it [the Government] stops working, when it breaks, you can be damn sure we’re going to put up a fight to fix it…. So if our leaders won’t take a stand against corruption, we’ll find new ones to represent us.


Wolf PAC

Wolf PAC supports a Constitutional Amendment led by the States (Article V of the Constitution) that would get big money out of politics and restore American democracy. Founder Cenk Uygur explains the strategy:

It doesn’t matter whether the money comes from a source you agree with or not. Corruption is corruption.

Tod Jagger

Other Organizations

There are a number of organizations that are working hard to get big money out of politics, to reverse the concept that corporations are people and that money is free speech, and to restore true democracy in America. They include, but are not limited to:

Sharing The Amend Movement

Many people are overwhelmed and weakened by the very thought of politics. So, a lot of folks have not even heard about amending the Constitution today, to get big money out of politics.

But if you bring up the current Amend Movement, while they may look at you like you have two heads, you also see a spark of light turn on in their eyes. They want to believe it’s possible.

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