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Scenes From ‘Flood Wall Street’

Scenes from today’s ‘Flood Wall Street’ sit-in, from the Environmental Action YouTube channel.

The event looks high-energy, and peacefully nonviolent. We should learn more soon.


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  • We can’t pump all that carbon into the atmosphere without something eventually happening.

    We may disagree about exactly what will happen, but for sure, something is going to happen.

    And if we don’t know exactly how bad this “something” is going to be, doesn’t it make sense to stop pumping all that carbon into our air?

    It’s a bit like kicking a dog. You know it’s going to do something in response to your unwelcome kicking, but you have absolutely no idea what it will be. So why do it.

    Politicians and those controlling the mega wealth are the only ones who can implement appropriate action, but they won’t. Their agendas and other interests lure them away from listening to advice from the experts.

    This cartoon covers that aspect . . . .



    • Yes. Fossil fuel companies need to take a hit on this one. In theory, capitalism allows investors to take a risk – to win or lose. They should have realized fossil fuels are becoming obsolete, and prepared for that inevitability.

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