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The People Are Rising

Actions are heating up in the United States and around the World.

Popular Resistance

Join the Resistance

The People’s Climate March and the Flood Wall Street protest were great. Now, let’s keep the momentum. PopularResistance.Org recommends action opportunities that will continue to build the Climate Justice Movement.

  • Stop tar sands excavation
  • Stop fracking
  • Stop coal
  • Stop uranium
  • Create renewable energy
  • Get to the roots of the climate crisis
    • Banks
    • Political systems
    • International trade agreements
  • Oppose war (big pollution, devastation of people and their cultures)

Get Big Money Out of Politics

I will emphasize that it is vital to bet big money out of politics. Our leaders are beholden to the Big Money that sustains climate crisis – the fossil fuel industry and the military industrial complex. Before we can make any meaningful advance on climate justice through legislation, we must remove the corrupting influence of powerful corporate interests from our political system.


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