War doesn’t work. Compassion does. Why? Because we all belong to one human family. And, healthy families help each member grow and thrive.

One Human Family

Hey! Compassion must be some kind of principle, or something, because it works the same way in a healthy economy, or healthy international relations, or a healthy environment, or even a healthy body. When every person, or part of a system, is supported, helped, balanced, healed – the ‘whole’ is most vibrant and healthy.

Love Between Nations

We have seen great progress in the reduction of poverty, but much of it is now under threat. Climate change, rising food prices, war, and the global economic crisis hit the poor the hardest. We want a world in which everyone can live in dignity and peace, and where the existence of extreme poverty is unacceptable.

Caritas Internationalis

As defined by the Free Dictionary , compassion is a “deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.” Compassion includes a desire or intention to take action. Compassion allows us to identify with someone else who is suffering from a condition, like say, the human condition.

Compassion is the antidote to greed. Compassion is the antidote to war.