Ben Wikler, of MoveOn.Org, says they call progressives ‘Drop-Off Democrats’ when they don’t vote in mid-term elections. Maybe these progressives just don’t realize what is at stake in the 2014 elections. MoveOn.Org wants to fix that.

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Robert Reich explains how a Republican-controlled Senate would double down on its war on working families.


Ben Wikler on The 2014 elections

Ben Wikler, Washington Director of MoveOn.Org, was recently interviewed by C-SPAN. He had a bit to say about the importance of voter turn-out, particularly that of Democrat voters.

Many political ads are trying to convince people that their vote won’t matter. The effect of negative ads is not persuasion. It tends to be more voter suppression. People don’t want to turn out to the polls. If they’re convinced someone is bad, sometimes they vote against, but more often they just don’t show up.

So what we see at the core of this election is making sure people know the stakes and know that their votes can actually count. There are a handful of states which will determine which party controls the Senate for the next two years. And if progressive voters (we call them drop-off Democrats – people who voted for the President, but didn’t vote in 2010) know what’s going on, and if they turn out, they can make the difference between a Democrat or Republican Senate in 2015….

For C-SPAN viewers it might be hard to imagine that people don’t realize which party has a majority in the Senate. But in our polling of people who didn’t vote in 2010, what we find is that many people have no idea which party is in the majority in the Senate. All they know is that there’s noise and obstruction from Congress.

And they also don’t know that the control of the Senate is in the balance this Fall. And the third thing they don’t know is that their specific state (and I’m talking about a handful of states like Iowa or Colorado) could determine whether Republicans or Democrats have a majority in the Senate.

Once people know those facts, and once they know what’s at stake if Republicans take over the Senate, they go from being unlikely to vote to highly motivated to vote…. It’s about whether:

  • The Republicans can extend the war on women
  • The Republicans can vote to cut education funding
  • The Republicans can push another government shutdown”

Ben Wikler

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