Our society is like a cake. The extra nice benefits that we enjoy are the icing on the cake. Public transportation is part of the icing.

In case you haven’t used public transportation in a while, maybe you’ll take a moment to think about what it means – to you and other people in your community.

What IS Great About Public Transit?

Public transportation rocks!

  • It increases property values
  • It alleviates traffic congestion
  • It reduces pollution
  • It helps people get to jobs and medical appointments

Public Transportation Is a Great Local Attraction

You know how it is. There’s a great local attraction in your community, maybe an animal sanctuary or an art gallery. You always intend to visit it. But some how you never do, and then you move to another state. Then you think, ‘Shucks! I never went to see… [fill in your missed opportunity]. Well, public transportation is kind of like that.

Public transportation is always there, you are curious about it, but you never take the time to try it out.

So, here’s an idea. The next time you plan to go to the mall or the ball park – leave your car at home, and take the bus! It will make your outing a memorable event. It will expand your life experience. It will make you feel more competent.

Yes, Riding the Bus Increases Personal Competence

People who live in a large metropolitan area, like New York City, are accustomed to public transportation. But in areas where it’s convenient to have a car, folks may never use public transportation. If they did need to use the bus for a day? They’d feel totally intimidated – because they’re afraid they will miss their stop or get lost.

Knowing how to ride the bus, even if you don’t generally use it, is one of those life skills that make you a broader, more knowledgeable, and more competent person. It’s kind of like knowing how to find books in a library.

Err… what was that? You haven’t been to your public library in over 20 years?

OK, then. Here’s what to do. Plan a Saturday family outing. You’re all going to the library (another dab of ‘icing’ on our societal cake). You’re going to use the bus to get there. It will be educational. It will be quality time spent together. It will be fun!

TIP: Visit the website of your public transportation system. Find the routes and schedules. Plot out your trip. It’s easy-peasy, and more familiar than you might expect – they use Google maps.

Happy bus riding!

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