Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is considering running for President in 2016. Yet he hesitates. He is trying to assess whether America has a large enough grassroots movement willing to fight for progressive change.

“We have today in America massive wealth and income inequality. We have a billionaire class, which as a result of Citizens United, is able to spend unlimited sums of money to buy elections. I am somebody who has taken on the oil companies, the drug companies, Wall Street, the military industrial complex, the Koch Brothers. If I ran, is it conceivable that we can rally the American people to take on such extraordinarily powerful forces…. That would be the issue.” — Senator Bernie Sanders

Hosts Mark Halperin and John Heilermann of Bloomberg’s With All Due Respect, attempt to draw out Sanders’ personality (with some success). But Bernie keeps bringing them back to the important issues. He’s really good at that.