San Francisco Becomes First City in America to Pass ‘Retail Workers Bill of Rights”

San Francisco shows the way: “Bills like this one are partially a response… to the decline of unions in the US. While scheduling and wages were once the province of union-business negotiations, labor’s waning power has driven these sorts of fights into the political arena, like City Hall and state houses.

The Secular Jurist

San Francisco is becoming known for its worker-friendly policies, having recently voted to gradually raise its minimum wage — already nearly $3.50 above the federal minimum, at $10.74 per hour — to $15 per hour over three years.

On Tuesday afternoon, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors took another step in that direction, unanimously passing a “retail workers’ bill of rights,” the first such bill to be passed in a large US cityThat “bill” is in fact two pieces of legislation containing five provisions aimed at making life easier for hourly workers at the city’s chain restaurants and stores.

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  1. patricia costanza December 2, 2014 at 6:44 pm

    Thank you,  JoAnn!


  2. This is great to hear and offers some options as unions fail and become “unpopular”!!!!!


    1. “Options” is a good word. There are many pathways on the journey of progress!


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