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Germany Advances Renewable Energy, Florida Regresses

Germany Advances Renewable Energy, Florida Regresses


The Sunshine State Cuts Its Commitment To Solar Power


Versus this…

Germany’s Largest Utility Gets Out Of The Fossil Fuel Business


You just want to bang your head against the wall.


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  • Reblogged this on Wobbly Warrior's Blog and commented:
    In Tweeting this post, I added @FLGovScott and #DirtyPoliticsDirtyEnergy. Our aquifers and estuaries are dying, we don’t time to wait for a governor that is capable of caring about our tomorrows. We either have to reboot Rick, or simply boot him, as in recall, y’all.

    • Susan, are you by any chance a Florida resident? I am (sigh).

      And, yes. I wish we had the capability to recall any elected official – like what happened to those good Colorado senators last year.

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