Catch up with some important action groups in the Progressive Movement. Be ready to bring it on!

We decided to convene this [round table] because I had conversations with several MoveOn members where they said things like, ‘Woof, there is a lot happening right now… I’m not totally sure how to make sense of it all… can you summarize what’s important that’s in the headlines… I feel like there’s just a big thing happening every day….’

That’s true. The last few weeks have been jammed-packed with news that is consequential for the kind of country we are, and the country we are going to be.

So, we’re really hopeful that this discussion will help us take stock of the moment that we’re in, and learn more about how individually and as a community we can push for racial justice, for meaningful immigration reform, for a fair economy that works for everyone, and for a diplomacy-first foreign policy – among other issues [i.e., Net Neutrality, Keystone Pipeline] that matter to all of us.

Anna Galland, Executive Director of MoveOn.Org Civic Action

The Progressive Round Table includes the following thinkers and activists:


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