Great news! Illinois is the third state to call for a Constitutional Convention (Article V) for an amendment to get money out of politics – following Vermont (May) and California (June). 34 states are needed to call an Article V Convention. 3 down, 31 to go.

Watch Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks and co-founder of Wolf-PAC, describe what happened in Illinois. You’ll better understand the Constitutional Convention process that is underway to get money out of our political system.

Illinois recently joined Vermont and California in calling for an amendments convention to restore free and fair elections by reversing the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.

On Wednesday, the Illinois State House of Representatives passed Senate Joint Resolution 42 (“SJR42”) in a vote of 72-40 with the required 3/5th super-majority needed.

‘The purpose of this resolution, and similar resolutions around other states, is to convene a constitutional amendments convention,’ stated bill co-sponsor Sen. Willie Delgado. ‘We need to amend this constitution to reverse the ruling on Citizens United. That ruling gave corporations ‘personhood’ and led to the creation of Super-PACs, not only in Illinois, but throughout the nation. With SJR42, Illinois can lead the movement to save democracy in America.’

The Young Turks

This is U.S. history in the making. Tell your family and friends.

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