Here’s an excellent short documentary produced by MSNBC on the pro-democracy Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong, which was committed to peaceful demonstrations. Something intriguing in the film is that the protesters had protective guardians.

A group of volunteers formed a security force to shield citizen and student protesters from the police, pro-China activists, Triad gangs, and even aggressive drug addicts. The guardians used nonviolent techniques, as well, when they handled such people for the protesters.

The continuity of peace throughout the Umbrella Movement has power in it. Although the China government did not concede to demands, the protesters promise to return. How will this movement evolve?

“’s exclusive feature-length documentary “The Umbrella Movement” reflects on the hopes, clashes, symbols, guardians, memories and frustrations of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests with commentary by the President of the Legislative Council Jasper Tsang and student leader Nathan Law.” ~ MSNBC

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