Given the lackluster outcome of the Lima Climate Conference (see below), you are probably wondering how Itzcuauhtli is doing with his vow to remain silent until world leaders act on climate change.

Itzcuauhtli broke his silence yesterday. The way he sees it, the people are the real world leaders to take action on climate change.

Today, I broke my silence strike. When I first took this vow, I thought, well, my action is going to be, you know, get the world leaders to take action on climate change…. But, I thought, are they really our world leaders?

Everyday it got more clear to me that the people are the world leaders. And we have to take our future into our own hands….

I am calling on all of you — children, teachers, parents, communities, families. I’m calling on all of you to be the world leaders.

Itzcuauhtli Roske-Martinez

Lima Climate Conference Outcome

They agreed on a mechanism that will allow them to put forth their climate plans next year; their plans to cut greenhouse emissions well in the future, after 2020. For some of them, it might be 2030 or later.

William Mauldin, Wall Street Journal

Unbelievable. If Mauldin wasn’t with WSJ, if this report wasn’t from PBS, I wouldn’t believe it. The actions resulting from the Climate Talks play out like a news skit from Saturday Night Live.

Itzcuauhtli is right. The people must take charge of climate change.