350.org’s Co-founder Jamie Henn gives his analysis of the Lima Accord, which resulted from last week’s climate conference.

Some of the specifics involved cutting emissions dramatically. That’s going to be a challenge, although countries are beginning to put targets on the table. So the U.S. has introduced a target. The Chinese have put forth their own target about increasing the energy efficiency of their economy. None of these targets, frankly, are strong enough, but it’s a good sign that countries are beginning to say, ‘We have a stake in this problem and we need to begin reducing our emissions.’

… Probably the most difficult piece, is finance. As usual, it all comes down to money and countries aren’t willing yet to commit the sort of financial resources we need to not only to reduce emissions, but also help poorer countries adapt to the inevitable impacts of climate change.

[There]… is really a question of what tools can the U.N., and the countries that are part of it, put forward to help facilitate the type of transition we need to see…. There’s no shortage of policy ideas or smart scientists who are ready to get to work on making this transition possible. What we need is smarter, and arguably braver, politicians to really step forward and begin to put those pieces into place.

Jamie Henn

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