New York Will Ban Fracking

BREAKING: New York Will Ban Fracking

The state of New York is officially moving toward a fracking ban.

After presenting the findings of an exhaustive five-year study on the potential environmental, economic, and public health effects of fracking, state Department of Environmental Conservation commissioner Joseph Marten said he would issue a “legally binding findings statement” seeking prohibition of the controversial process.

Emily Atkin, ThinkProgress.Org

  1. Wise decision on the part of New Yorkers. This provides a model for other states to emulate, then the negative health consequences of hydraulic fracturing will rightly begin to decrease.


    1. I certainly hope other states follow New York’s example.

      Some people are grateful to fracking for bringing the cost of gas down – but the hidden costs, the real costs, are very high when it comes to the health of people and the environment.


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