A little fun, at Sony’s expense, from cartoonist Mark Fiore. Have a chuckle!

Now that Sony has completely caved to cyberterrorist demands, let’s see what movie they’ve chosen to run in place of The Interview. Sure, Kim Jong Un is a nasty despot, but do we really think North Korea is capable of attacking movie theaters all across the United States? Methinks Sony Pictures just wants this whole thing to go away and is using terrorist bluster as an excuse to turn the page.

UPDATED: Sony has backtracked and is now planning to release The Interview not on the originally-planned 3,800 screens but on, um, 200. The bulwark of free speech in the United States is currently Alamo Drafhouse Cinema and their 20 theaters and groups like Art House Convergence. (None of the major theater chains are part of the Christmas Day release.) Sony has gone from ‘no further release plans for the film’ to ‘we have never given up on releasing The Interview’ in just a few short days. Put this one over in the ‘How Not To Deal With Cyberterrorism’ column.

Mark Fiore

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