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Republicans and Democrats have vastly different views on race and police. But they agree on solutions.

A Washington Post/ABC News poll reveals that most Americans agree on police cameras and independent prosecutors.

Republicans and Democrats have vastly different views on race and police. But they agree on solutions.

Issues of race and police — as with most things these days — are deeply divisive. And our new poll shows that divide is as much about partisanship as race; white Democrats tends to be much closer to non-whites than to white Republicans, as our Dan Balz and Scott Clement report. Hence, more partisan gridlock ahead, right?

Well, maybe not. Even as people can’t even agree on how big the problem is (or whether there is a problem at all), there is something almost everyone agrees upon: the solutions….

The poll shows an almost-unheard-of amount of consensus when it comes to proposed changes in how law enforcement conducts its business.

It shows 86 percent of Americans support requiring patrol officers in their areas to wear small video cameras while on duty — a finding in line with other polling on this subject.

What’s a little more surprising, though, is the consensus on another issue related to the Ferguson and Eric Garner cases: independent prosecutors. The poll shows about the same percentage — 87 percent — support having these outsiders handle cases in which unarmed Americans are killed by police.

— Aaron Blake, Washington Post



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  1. Jerry "Peacemaker"

    God only knows how much has been buried through the years by local prosecutors; then there’s the impunity of national leaders after major war crimes they commit around the world. Justice is a long road.

    • JoAnn Chateau

      it is heart-rending that many never know justice. (Thinking of the victims.) i can’t even go there.

      But it is reaffirming of decency that the vast majority of people value blind justice, or at least independent prosecutors.

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