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Energy Efficiency & Green Economy Models Around the World

American economist Robert Pollin talks about energy efficiency and green economy models around the world.

This notion that it’s really hard for us to achieve efficiency gains is completely contradicted by the fact that Germany is running their economy today at twice the efficiency level of the U.S. […]

[What helped Germany do that?]

One, they’ve had a Green Party for 40 years….Two, they don’t have any oil…. So you don’t have that resistance from the fossil fuel industry. […]

Then there’s Brazil…. Efficiency is not any big deal. More efficient buildings, transportation system, smaller cars, and more public transportation – that’s all it takes. […]

In developing countries, in China, in India, in Indonesia, in South Africa, in Brazil… investing in clean energy is a big source of jobs. […]

[What about countries that want a fair chance to develop, compared to countries that have used fossil fuels during their development?]

For all of them, the only reason it [development] would slow down,  would be if it costs more…. As you substitute green energy [over the next years], the green energy is not going to cost more.

— Robert Pollen


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