Sen. Warren Asks Good Questions Regarding the Keystone Pipeline

Senator Elizabeth Warren poses very good questions regarding the Keystone Pipeline legislation. She states, ‘I want to know why the Pipeline is the very first, number one item, on the agenda of this new Congress.” She then wonders, is it about jobs? No. Is it about lowering America’s energy costs? No.

She concludes that the ‘urgency’ of the bill is about money and power, that it is a ‘Lobbyist Support Act.’ And she ends with, “I didn’t come here to do favors for Trans Canada. Republican leaders may disagree, but I’ll be voting ‘No’ on this.’

Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks at a Senate Energy and Natural Resources markup of Keystone XL pipeline legislation, on January 8, 2015.

— Senator Elizabeth Warren YouTube Channel

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    regarding the Keystone Pipeline legislation.

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  2. I’m sure they could, but they like to keep a low profile. (Mini editorial: Those boys, very low, indeed!)


  3. Perhaps the Koch brothers, who apparently own massive tracts of land in Canada and stand to profit in the billions after a pipeline were completed, can answer Ms. Warren’s questions.

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