Join the NH Rebellion, January 11-21, 2015

A poster for the 2015 NH Rebellion.

The New Hampshire Rebellion is on the march again. They are rebelling against money in U.S. politics. This year’s march is bound to have even greater impact than last year. The number of marchers has increased, and they are marching from four different directions until they converge at the NH State Capitol.

The New Hampshire Rebellion To Get Money Out Of Politics

This Sunday, Jan. 11, the Rebellion sets out on another march, leaving from all four corners of the Granite State, to raise further awareness and recruit growing numbers of people to demand that all presidential candidates campaigning in the state answer the question: ‘How are you going to end the system of corruption in Washington DC?’

‘This is the issue that leads to all other issues’ says Jeff McLean, director of the New Hampshire Rebellion. ‘There’s recognition across the spectrum that sensible reforms are not being implemented because of this issue.’

Indeed, the Rebellion is a full-spectrum revolt against money in politics. As Lawrence Lessig, the Harvard Law professor, campaign finance reformer and founder of the group, says: ‘It’s not left vs. right, it’s insiders vs. outsiders.’

By that he means that we, the people, are the outsiders, while corporate money and the politicians they fund are the insiders. With unlimited cash to influence legislation, the insiders steer our government and usurp the rights of the people in the name of corporate gains.

— Eleanor Goldfield, Occupy.Com 

Making Money in Politics #1 Issue in 2016

The New Hampshire Rebellion aims to raise Money in Politics to the #1 issue of the 2016 New Hampshire Presidential Primary. In the video below, Dr. Lawrence Lessig describes why and how the Rebellion first rose up.

A short video detailing the successes of the New Hampshire Rebellion and it’s fight to make money in politics the First Issue of the 2016 New Hampshire Presidential Primary

— NH Rebellion

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