The New Hampshire Rebellion Backstory

The New Hampshire Rebellion Backstory

This is a very well-written account of the New Hampshire Rebellion. It’s a backstory that takes you behind-the-scenes, covering the motivation and build-up of the movement. It also gives keen insight into what makes Dr. Lawrence Lessig tick.

The New Hampshire Rebellion

I assumed we would talk about free culture, copyright and other issues I associated with him. But I was in for a surprise. Instead, he launched into a dazzlingly articulate description of his patient, documented work on the plague of “legal corruption,” or to be more precise, on the toxic influence of money on politics. And his insane plan to defy it by walking in New Hampshire, inviting similarly outraged citizens to join him. The march would commence in eight weeks. It seemed unbelievable. A Harvard professor who once clerked for Justice Anton Scalia was starting a civil disobedience movement to end corruption? He suggested I come and see for myself. And so I did. Here is what I saw walking with him. And what I discovered it might take to make real change happen. ~ Flore Vasseur

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JoAnn Chateau
    • Thank you very much. We are all in this together. These transnational corporations jeopardize The People in nations all around the world – because of a gluttonous focus on profits.

      • I agree with you that this affects everyone around the world. I just was suspicious when they mentioned John Mccains involvment in the earlier movement. That man beats a war drum for the transnational corporations and is the problem not solution. I mean no offense, but It can explain why it did not do well and needed to re energizing the movement. I hope and pray you succeed this time. I am not a fan of Mccain.

      • Very good point.

        Thank you, Honey, for your hopes and prayers. Thank you for looking outward, for caring about the U.S. (I know we are not popular) and other nations in the world.


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