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No Flogging for Blogging

Code Pink and The Gulf Institute protest the imprisonment and punishment of Saudi political activist Raif Badawi.

Saudi political activist and journalist Raif Badawi received his first 50 lashes of 1000 for simply having a political blog that is critical of the Saudi government. In response, CODEPINK and The Gulf Institute staged a mock flogging in front of the Saudi Embassy in Washington D.C. to protest Saudi Arabia’s egregious human rights violations and to call for freedom for Raif Badawi.

It’s blatantly hypocritical for the United States government to say that it supports freedom of speech and democracy while maintaining a cozy relationship with the brutal Saudi monarchy. Join us to call on Saudi Arabia to halt its violent persecution of activists who speak out against state power –– and for an end to U.S. complicity! No flogging for blogging!

— Code Pink

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