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Carl Gibson, co-founder of US Uncut, presents an ambitious strategy to subdue the corporate state. My first thoughts: It would be difficult to organize. It would take too long. Still, the concept is brilliant. Please read the full article and share what you think in the comments.

The Grand Strategy to Cast Off the Corporate State

This is a strategic memorandum to all movement organizers, social justice organizations, and free citizens disgusted with a corporate state that has systematically extracted our wealth and resources for its own private gain, while giving back nothing in return. If we’re to preserve our collective resources and small amount of wealth we’ve managed to hold onto in light of this corporate onslaught, and if we’re to do it nonviolently, we’ll have to come together on a single strategy to win decisively.

This document contains the solutions needed to attain total victory against the corporate state, defeating it politically, financially, and emotionally. This document also contains the solutions needed for our movement to unite across issue focuses and eliminate the imaginary boundaries the corporate state has successfully forced between us, with the ultimate goal of making our public institutions accountable to us, and only us, in perpetuity. […]

At its core, the corporate state is a tight-knit group of global businesses dependent on our money for its continued reign. And out of all of these businesses, we only need to concentrate on a few consumer-driven businesses that have an undue amount of influence in global society. Ten corporations – Kraft, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Mars, Unilever, PepsiCo, General Mills, P&G, Johnson & Johnson, and Kellogg’s – own most of the brands in traditional grocery stores. The biggest 10 banks – Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, State Street Corp, PNC Bank, HSBC, US Bank, Bank of New York Mellon, and Capital One – hold $10 trillion in combined assets. Similarly, six global media giants – GE/Comcast, Viacom, NewsCorp, CBS, TimeWarner, and Disney – control 90 percent of the print media, radio, and television stations in America. We don’t need to aspire to lofty goals with finish lines perpetually in the distant future to win back our wealth and our planet. We only need to target these select few businesses for the desired effect to take place. […]

— Carl Gibson, Occupy.Com

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