Syriza’s Alexis Tsipras with Pablo Iglesias of Podemos at a rally by the anti-austerity party in Athens. (Photograph: Wassilios Aswestopoulos)

The ‘Anti-austerity party’s landmark win [in Greece] has been hailed as the first plank of an anti-austerity movement sweeping across Europe.’

Spain’s Podemos Inspired by Syriza’s Victory in Greek Elections

Few followed the elections in Greece as closely as Spaniards, many of whom saw in the electoral race a preview of looming elections in their country. As news broke on Sunday that Syriza had ousted the establishment to become the first anti-austerity party to gain power in the eurozone the leader of the far-left Podemos party, Pablo Iglesias, revelled in the news.

‘I think that the victory of Syriza will provoke something that’s new in the political panorama of Greece – they’re going to have a real Greek president, not a delegate of Angela Merkel whose interests will rank above those of the country and its people,’ he told La Sexta news channel on Sunday night.

Austerity had been dealt a blow by democracy, he said, giving his nascent movement in Spain a foothold that could prove crucial in the coming year as municipal, regional and general elections pit Podemos against the bipartisan political system that has ruled Spain since the death of Franco.

— Ashifa Kassam in Madrid, The Guardian

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