‘Run Warren Run’ House Party Video

Do you remember when The People have ever demanded that somebody run for President? Has this ever happened before?

The group Run Warren Run is determined in their effort to get Sen. Elizabeth to just that. Watch the video they have made for Run Warren Run house parties.

Show this 9-minute video at your house party! Or sign up to attend a house party near you: Host a Run Warren Run House Party.

— MoveOn.Org

Run Warren Run is a project of MoveOn.org Political Action in partnership with Democracy for America.

  1. Elizabeth Warren is a very courageous woman going up against some very powerful people controlling a very powerful entrenched system rigged in their favor.


    1. Yes. She is one of our heroes.


  2. Wow… If this lady was running for Prime minister in England.. She would get my VOTE… She understands the system and how corrupt its become..
    Listen to her views USA… Change has to start with people like Elizabeth…. And we have to ALL step out of our comfort zones in making the changes needed..

    Great share..


    1. Thank you, Sue! So many US citizens are very proud of Warren. She’s the real thing. I hope she will be persuaded to run.

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      1. I hope she does too, Here in the UK people are now seeing through the empty promises from major parties.. And are voting differently than previously… We have a Major election in May this year.. So the propaganda has already started… We have heard it all before and lets hope people use their Voting power wisely.. x

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